Plan and Manage Risks

At Proposal > Work plan > Risks and at DoA > Work plan > Risks during implementation, users with Coordinator Rights and Contractor Rights can plan and manage foreseen (and unforeseen) risks. In the exported proposal, the system extracts and lists all foreseen and unforeseen risks in the relevant section.

Create a Risks

  1. Open the involved work package and click Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 13.12.36
  2. Select whether the risk is foreseen or unforeseen (in DoA mode during implementation)
  3. Enter the relevant risk properties
  4. Select the Risk’s Probability, Impact and Overall risk
  5. Add further risk’s Owners (your partner is added by default).
  6. Click Save to create & save the new risk entry (or Discard to discard the new risk entry)

Finalize/Unfinalize a Risk entry

You may finalize a risk entry by clicking the   finalize button. This will lock the entry and prevent other users from editing. To unlock the editing click the unfinalize button.

Once a user with Contractor Rights finalizes the entry, it can only be unfinalized by users with Coordinator Rights. If you do not have Coordinator Rights and you need a section unfinalized, please request that this be done by the coordinator of your project.

Edit a Risk entry

To edit the risk properties, open the risk with the plus_icon at the item in the risk list on the left. The properties appear on the right and can be edited directly. Any changes are saved automatically.

Note that only users with Coordinator Rights or users with Contractor Rights assigned to one of the risk owners can edit the risk entry.

Delete a Risk entry

To delete a risk entry, click the delete_icon icon at the item in the risk list on the left and confirm the prompt with YES.

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