Description of the Work Plan

In Proposal > Work Plan > Description or DoW > Work Plan > Description respectively, you are able to enter the work description for each Sub-Project, Work Package and Task.

All users can see all activities and their description. However, only the users with Coordinator Rights can edit all, while users with Contractor Rights can edit only the activities’ descriptions their assigned contractor is leading. At task level also users can edit the task description, when their contractor is involved in via planned person-month according to Proposal > Work plan > Staff Efforts.

To enter the description, click the plus_icon button to open the specific Sub-project, Work Package or Task you wish to view.

Click on the Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 4.34.11 PM button to start the editing mode and then type the description into the text editor. You can also edit in Full Screen mode. Please note that the text editor is not accessible by other users during the edit mode.


Finally click Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 4.36.38 PMin order to save the changes. Please note that you also need to clickScreen Shot 2013-03-18 at 1.27.31 PM in order to release the description for further editing by other users.


If you want to lock a WP entirely from editing, please click on Finalise on the top right corner. The Coordinator will receive a notification email. Also, the Coordinator is the only one who can unfinalise the WP for editing.

In order to describe the Work Package and Task Description, it is necessary that the Coordinator has setup the Work Plan.
Please note that users with Contractor rights only have access to the Sub-Projects, WPs or Tasks that they are assigned as leaders to.

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