Q: How do I manage Third Parties with EMDESK?

At this time, Third Parties are not specifically supported in EMDESK. This means that there is no separate role category for third parties in EMDESK so you cannot “attach them” to a regular partner. However, EMDESK does offer a convenient solution that is used by many consortia to link Third Parties.

To add a Third Party simply add them to the end of the partner list and name them “TP-OrganisationName”.
Since the Third Parties are set up as if they were regular beneficiaries, they will have full access to all reporting functions including costs, activities, resources etc. In the exports the Third Partiers will be added to the lists of Partners but with the TP- denominator so they are easy to identify throughout the documents in any case you need to edit the exports.

When ordering EMDESK for project implementation, please point out the number of regular partners and Third Parties, as we do charge a reduced fee for these additional licenses during project implementation. So you effectively get full partner licenses for at a reduced rate to use for the Third Parties (applicable for orders placed before a feature for Third Party support is released).

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