Get started with EMDESK Implementation

  1. Invite further users to the project, assign them to partners and set the correct access rights level at myEMDESK > Project Settings > User Accounts
  2. Set-Up and define user groups and add users in  Collaboration > Groups
  3. Check/modify the work plan defining the duration of each task and the task leader if this has not been specified. Please note that EMDESK calculates overall WP duration based on accumulated task duration per WP  at Proposal > Work plan > WP Structure > Tasks
  4. Check and verify the Reporting Periods (Interim and Periodic Reports) and define reasonable due dates for each submission at Implementation > Controlling > Report / Review Schedule
  5. Define users responsible for Deliverables (Owners, Peers, Approval Delegate) and set due dates for the achievement of each Preparation Status of each Deliverable at Implementation > Controlling > Deliverables
  6. Check and update the figures for the pre-financing at Implementation > Finances > EC Payments
  7. Set-Up Document Folder Structure at Documents > Documents Manager
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