8.1 Editing the DoW During Negotiation

The European Commission often asks for amendments to be made to the Proposal. This requires that the Proposal is then restructured and updated as an annex to the Grant Agreement (also known as DoW). In EMDESK, any changes needed to finalise the DoW for the Grant Agreement are done within the Proposal as a part of EMDESK, behind the Proposal tab. During the negotiation phase, the only difference between the Proposal and DoW are what is downloaded for documents or spreadsheets.

In Proposal > Version / Export, you can download Part A and Part B of the DoW to help working in NEF.

Please note that you will not be able to download your Proposal once you have entered the project implementation phase. If you still need to download the Proposal after you’ve started implementation, please contact our support team.

To use EMDESK during the project once the Grant Agreement has been signed, please follow our instructions here.

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