Manage, Backup and Restore DoW / DoA versions

You can backup the current version of the DoW/DoA and restore previous versions at DoW > Version / Export.

The DoW/DoA version that is currently active as the plan baseline in the Implementation mode is indicated by 2014-09-08_09-56-39.

The DoW/DoA version that is currently active for editing in DoW/DoA mode is indicated by 2014-09-08_09-57-48.

Manage DoW/DoA version

To activate the changes you have made in DoW/DoA in the Implementation mode, select the version and then click Screen Shot 2013-03-08 at 3.43.38 PM.

To restore or work on a previous version, select the version then and click 2014-09-08_10-01-54.

To apply a previous or new version as a new plan baseline in the Implementation mode, select the version and click 2014-09-08_09-53-02.

In Revision History at each DoW/DoA version, you can see the log:

Backup a DoW/DoA version


To backup the current data and editing state of a DoW/DoA version, make sure that the correct version is selected in the drop down New Version from and then click Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 11.39.35 AM. Confirm the prompt with YES. When you backup the current state of the DoW/DoA, a copy of this DoW/DoA is created for further editing.


Compare two DoW/DoA Versions

To compare two DoW/DoA documents in their entirety, export both DoW versions at DoW/DoA > Version / Export. Next, open one of them in MS Word and then select Compare and Merge Documents from the Tools menu of Word. Make sure to select the other document in Word format. For more information on how to compare documents in Word, please read here.


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