Indicating Personnel Rates

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  1. Personnel costs = the sum of the costs for each personnel category of a project participant.
  2. Staff category costs are calculated by the personnel category’s cost rate in EURO per person-year (defined in the EMDESK personnel cost rate) times the plan person-months per task on this staff category.

Please read section Personnel Costs in this article to learn more of how the personnel costs are calculated: Understanding the Budget Calculation.

You can manage personnel categories per partner and enter/update the cost rates for each project year (not calendar year) under Financial Options. The cost rate is provided in €/PY (EURO per person-year).

– Proposal stage: Proposal > Contractor > Financial Information 

– Implementation stage:  DoW > Contractor > Financial Information


Enter personnel cost rates for each project year (not calendar year) in €/PY (EURO per person-year) ensuring that you use a dot as decimal marker (e.g. 130233.42).

Click on:  Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 12.16.38 AM  to create further personnel cost categories.

You must provide planned person-months for each category in order to generate personnel costs. You can enter/update the plan person-months per tasks at Proposal > Work plan > Staff Effort or DoW > Work plan > Staff effort. Please read here for more information on how to manage the staff effort allocation.

For partners using Actual Indirect Costs or Simplified Method, you can also provide an indirect cost rates per personnel category. See more information regarding this at: Defining the Method of Calculating Indirect Costs.


Optional tools to estimate personnel cost rates:


The Calculate cost rates feature helps you to auto-compute the annual personnel cost rates and indirect cost rate based on the indication of the rates for the basis year 1 with an annual increase rate in %.


The Calculate av. personnel cost rate feature helps calculate the average personnel cost rate by selecting several different personnel cost rates.


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