Project Budget Calculator

At Proposal > Project > Budget or DoW > Project > Budget, you can see the calculated budget and funding according to the current project’s and partners’ financial settings.

Users with Coordinator Rights can see the budget for all project participants, whereby users with Contractor Rights can only see the budget of the overall project and their participant partner.

EMDESK calculates the budget by using the current funding rules, funding rates along with the provided staff efforts and financial information such as, the selected method of calculating indirect costs, indicated personnel cost rates and other direct costs per project participant.

In order to understand how the system calculates the budget, we highly recommend that you read the help article Understanding the Budget Calculation.

With the Project Budget Calculator, you can see the budget and funding per activity type and cost category for the project in total or only for a selected partner as well as for a selected period.


Note that different activity types may apply according to the selected project type.


To view the budget breakdown of a participant at the cost category level, click on   next to the desired participant. The total budget/funding will expand and display the Personnel Costs, Sub-Contracting, Other (Travel, Consumption, Equipment, etc.) and Indirect Costs.

You can get more information on how certain numbers are calculated when you click on the  icon. For example, when clicking the  icon for personnel costs within each activity type (as defined by each column), the system displays all of the tasks assigned to the activity type grouped by work package including the planned person-months of this participant.

To review the figures for a specific period, you can use the filter at the top left to view only select period(s).

For information on how to make changes to the budget, please see our post or FAQ.


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