Payments Management and Transactions

At Implementation > Finances, the users with Coordinator Rights can manage payments and the distributions to partners. Users with Contractor Rights are only able to view the amounts related to their partner.

Manage Payments

At Implementation > Finances > EC Payments, you can record payments. By clicking on “Add EC Payment”, you can create a payment, define the payment date and allocate the shares from the payment to each partner. #

EMDESK auto-creates the first payment with some demo data by default.

To edit the partner shares and date of an EC payment, click on plus_icon at the top of the payment column. You can change the values accordingly and click on plus_icon at the top of the payment column in order to save the changes.

Add further payments

To add further Payments at Implementation > Finances > EC Paymentsclick on  Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 12.13.40 PM  from the left side panel. A new payment column appears.

To delete an EC payment, please click on Screen Shot 2013-03-01 at 12.13.44 PM  at the bottom of a payment column.

You can create one Pre-financing and as many EC Payments as you have configured Periodic reports. The last EC Payment is called Final Payment.


Payments to Contractors

To record a transaction to a partner from a Payment, go to Implementation > Finances > Payments to Contractors, select the Payment from Select EC Payment drop-down menu on the left side panel and then click the add_payment_to_contractorbutton. A new payment column appears to the right of the last column in the main area.

Enter the amounts, click the plus_icon button to activate the Edit mode.

By ticking a checkbox left of the amount input,  you mark the payment as transferred.

To delete a payment, simply click on the delete_icon button.


Payment Summary

At Implementation > Finances > Payment Summary, EMDESK provides an overview of the planned distribution of the EC Payments as a total or for each payment, as well as for each partner in comparison with the transferred payments to partners and the remaining balance. From this section, nothing can be edited or changed by any users of the project. It must be changed in the other finance sections by the Project Coordinator.


To obtain an overview of a specific EC payment, please restrict the information by selecting an EC payment from the drop-down menu Select EC Payment on the left side panel.

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