About EMDESK and this help portal

EMDESK is a secure, state-of-the-art, web-based collaboration and project management application especially for (European) research projects. EMDESK offers a comprehensive set of tools for proposal development, grant preparation, project management and reporting. It was developed for FP7 collaboration projects and continues to support the main project types under Horizon 2020 (see supported project types).

EMDESK provides a one-tool solution throughout the entire project life cycle. The platform is based on an integrated, work flow oriented concept.  EMDESK is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Our uptime is over 99%. Read more on security and privacy here. EMDESK is offered as Software as a Service so there is no installation needed and costs are eligible for funding.

EMDESK essentially contains three function areas for planning, implementing and collaborating amongst partners.

The EMDESK Proposal Preparation functions support the project coordinator and consortium in elaborating the proposal and are then used to manage and modify project plan data (during grant preparation and project implementation e.g. for amendments). You can design and structure the project plan, consortium information and describe additional proposal information in a collaborative and consistent way. At any time you have the freedom to export the proposal document. EMDESK system extracts the required data information from the project plan to generate the proposal document as well as off-line documents for download and further editing (MS Word / Excel).

The EMDESK Project Implementation functions help implementing the project according to the project plan, provide transparency and make it easy to stay on top of deadlines for the many tasks, milestones, deliverables and reports. Once the Implementation functions have been activated (following your license order), the Proposal tab is renamed as DoA/DoW tab. The initial project plan of the implementation phase is derived from the DoA/DoW version established in the EMDESK Proposal phase and can be checked and amended throughout project implementation. The implementation functions offer full support for project controlling, tracking and reporting of progress, costs and resources, financial management and reporting, deliverables management, milestone tracking, technical annex adaptation (project plan adaption) and exporting reports and spreadsheets for further editing

The implementation functions are complemented by a comprehensive set of collaboration functions such as a shared project calender, document storage, mailing lists, etc. These collaboration functions can also be added to the Proposal Preparation functions subject to ordering the Proposal Pro license. Find information on licensing and pricing on https://www.emdesk.com/en/Pricing.html

The EMDESK Help Portal is designed to offer all users quick and easy access to step-by-step guidance on the tool’s different functions. Simply click through the left-hand menu or enter your search terms above. If you feel that some areas are not or insufficiently covered, please notify us. We make every effort to keep the information updated.

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