How to embed the EMDESK login widget on your website

To allow your users to login to EMDESK from your website directly, EMDESK offers a customisable login form you can place on your website.

The code to add an EMDESK login to your website is a HTTPs-request with definable URL-encoded GET parameter attached to the URL placed in an iframe embedded 0n your website.


To use the login widget you must have a website on a server connected to the Internet. Open the page in an HTML editor and add the following default code to the page and at correct position.

<iframe src=”” style=”border:none; width: 260px; height:265px;”></iframe>

You may adjust the iframe size with the CSS parameters width and height in the style parameter of the iframe tag. The size of the login page auto-adapts to the iframe size on load. Minimum size recommend: 260px x 265px.



The s parameter must be specified with in the request.

Additionally, you are able to customise the appearance of the login widget with following parameters:

color: defines the color of the widget, use CSS-supported color names or RGB color codes (if not set, default color applied)

color=r,g,b (e.g. 100,122,52)

text: defines the text shown above the login fields, use HTML-encoded text (if not set, no text is shown)



Parameters must be attached to the HTTPs-request as URL-encoded GET parameters.


<iframe src=”” style=”border:none; width: 260px; height:265px;”></iframe>
<iframe src=”” style=”border:none; width: 260px; height:300px;”></iframe>
<iframe src=”,122,52&text=Your%20Project%20Name” style=”border:none; width: 260px; height:300px;”></iframe>


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