Export and upload financial data to EC’s website (FP7 only)

Please note this help article is relevant to FP7 projects only.

At Implementation > Version/Export you can export and download a financial report in Excel for upload to the EC’s Participant Portal (FORCE, NEF, …)  for each Periodic Reporting period scheduled for the project.


To export a financial report for upload to the EC’s Participant Portal,

  1. Select the correct reporting period from the left hand side (the reporting period currently due is selected by default),
  2. Click Form C for PartnerShortName (Excel™) on the right hand side, a popup appears,
  3. Click Download Form C for PartnerShortName (Excel™)
  4. Open the exported Form C in MS Excel from your local Download folder
  5. Select the sheet EC Reporting
    Each line (or group of lines) in the table on the “EC reporting” sheet will help you fill in the pop-up boxes in FORCE
  6. Open the EC‘s dedicated reporting website (FORCE, NEF,…) in a new browser window and go to the Costs reporting section. Now copy-paste and add each cost line after another by activity type and cost category to the EC‘s website.


The requested Form C is provided for download in Excel format e.g. 130226_XXXXX_FormC_P1_M01_M12.xlsx. EMDESK collects all reported cost entries (Implementation > Reporting > Costs) by Partner X and with a date in the period of the selected report and consolidates the data into the required structure and format in order to generate the Form C.


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