3.1 Monitoring and Managing Partners’ Contribution to Proposal

At Proposal > Project > Status or Implementation > DoW > Project > Status, you can monitor the status of each content section that needs to be edited and completed. This page can only be viewed and edited by users with Coordinator Rights. Users with Contractor Rights will only be able to see and select information from the Contractor Details, Part B and the Work Plan.

The input status of each content item is indicated as following:

Input not started (no user has started editing)

Input in progress (user has started editing)

Input is finalised (users have completed editing and marked the content as finalised)

Please note that a few things can cause a “No Progress” status to appear.

  1. Any partner not participating in any Task/WP
  2. Task/WP Descriptions of a leader have not been finalised
  3. A finalised description doesn’t have a line of content

By clicking on the icon, you will be redirected to the relevant page and content section with the corresponding item.

Each item can be Finalised on the corresponding page by users who have access to the content item. Once a content item is Finalised it’s locked and can no longer be edited. All users with Coordinator Rights receive a notification when an item is finalised. Only users with Coordinator Rights can Unfinalise (unlock) a finalised content item. Once a user with Coordinator Rights clicks Unfinalise the item becomes unlocked and all users having access to this will receive a notification that it can be edited.

To unfinalise (unlock) a content item, please collapse the partner and click the Unfinalised button at the corresponding item.

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