Exporting the Proposal

You can export the proposal into a Microsoft Word or OpenOffice file format.

During the proposal stage at: Proposal > Version / Export

Implementation stage at:  DoW > Version / Export

Note: Once you are in the Implementation stage of your project you will only be allowed to access and export the Description of Work, Staff Effort and Budget Overview.

To create the export for the Proposal or DoW, select the version you wish to export from the left side panel (the most recent and active version is selected by default) > then click in the right side panel on the export Proposal Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.19.11 PM or Export Description of Work Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.21.57 PM. These will be exported as a Word document and will initiate the download to your computer’s desktop.


You also have the choice to export specific parts of the Proposal. You can do this by selecting the + button next to Select Parts. Next, check the boxes of the parts you wish to export > then click the Screen Shot 2013-02-26 at 12.19.11 PM button.


There are two different documents that can be exported for the Description of Work.

  1. Part A
  2. Part B – Note: you export specific parts of Part B in for the DoW (this cannot be done for Part B in the Proposal)

For further information on how the Proposal and DoW (or specific sections) are consolidated to Word (.docx – Office Open XML), please download the following examples in PDF:


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