Applying Activity Types (work areas)

At Proposal > Work Plan > WP Structure during the proposal writing and at DoW > Work Plan > WP Structure during the implementation phase, you can create activities (Work Packages, Tasks, Subprojects) and manage the work plan.

Optionally, you may classify activities into types e.g. IA, RIA, RTD, MGNT, etc. (in FP7 known as Activity Types).

Why use activity type labels

The funding rules of FP7 require the allocation of activities and budget to activity types, due to the matrix of different reimbursement rates for different activity types.

Under the Horizon 2020 rules a classification into activity types is no longer required and is also optional in EMDESK. The labels can still help you structure and analyse your work plan and corresponding budget, adding transparency (for the consortium and externally).

Applying activity types

Depending on the funding scheme of your project a generic label is preselected which you can modify as you see fit. You can use one or more labels. The following activity type labels are available:

  • Research & Innovation (RIA)
  • Research (RTD)
  • Innovation (IA)
  • Demonstration (DEMO)
  • Coordination & Support (CSA)
  • Coordination (COOR)
  • Support (SUPP)
  • Management (MGNT)
  • Other (OTHER)

Activities, e.g. work packages, are shown colour coded in the work plan according to the activity types.

At Proposal > Work plan > Costs (at DoW > Work plan > Costs during the project implementation stage), you are then able to plan costs on all work packages of the same activity type by adding it to the activity type directly. Note that only those activity types are available which are assigned to at least one work package at WP Structure.

When using more than one label (activity type), you automatically benefit from the additional budget break down analysis along the activity types. At Proposal > Project > Budget during the proposal writing and at DoW > Project > Budget during the implementation phase, the budget is then structured into the applied activity types. For example, if you have work packages assigned to RIA and MGNT, the budget is broken down in those activity types.


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