User Access and Roles

User Management

You can manage users and project access at myEMDESK > Project Settings > User Accounts. On this page you can invite users to the project, revoke and grant project access, change a user’s contractor, change rights levels, and deactivate/activate user accounts.

Add a new user

To add someone to a project, a user that has access to that project needs to send an project invitation to the new user via email. You can see detailed information on how to do this here.

Change access level

To change the access level of a user, click the (+) symbol next to the user’s name to expand the options menu and then select the desired rights level. from the drop down menu Right Level. Please note that only users with Coordinator Rights can change the rights level of users.

Assign a user to a different partner

To assign a user to another partner, click the (+) symbol next to the user’s name to expand the options menu and select the desired partner from the drop down menu Contractor. Note that users can only be linked to one partner within the project. This change can only be made by users with Coordinator rights.

Terminate a user’s access to the project

You can revoke a user’s access to a project by looking for the user in the user list and clicking the Deactivate button.

Tag a user

The tags field allows you to label users in a way that is effective for your project. Just enter the tag, e.g. Researcher or Steering Committee. You can then use these tags to quickly filter all users, e.g. Collaboration > Groups.

Help another user find their username and password

To help another user find their username look for their proper name in the user list and click the (+) symbol next to the user’s name. Thier username will appear in the expanded menu. Please note that users who do not have Coordinator Rights, are under a different partner, or are not a member of the project will be unable to see this information.

To assist a user in getting a new password: find the user in the list, for the user in the user list,click the (+) symbol next to the user’s name, and click the password reset button.

User Roles and Access Rights (Right level)

When your register (create) a project with EMDESK, you must create a user account. This user is granted with Coordinator Rights for the registered project by default.

Project access for other people can be granted by invitation only. Once a user is invited to the project and accepts the invitation, the user will then have access to the project.

When sending out mail invitations to join the project, you need to assign the users to a contractor and choose the access role: Coordinator Rights or Contractor Rights. You can update users’ access roles later at myEMDESK > Project Settings > User Accounts.

Coordinator Rights – grants the user unlimited access to project and contractor related data and the collaboration area, e.g. Project Coordinator.

Contractor Rights – permits the user to only read and edit information on his contractor and all items in the work plan that are led by their contractor according to the work plan (as defined by work package or task leader).

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