Uploading New Documents

Before uploading a new document to the Documents Manager, you need to enter a folder.

After you open a folder, click the upload_docs at the top of the page. Your  file browser opens. Select the file(s) from your desktop.

You can select multiple files by keeping the CTRL key pressed when selecting the files on your desktop.

Click Open in your file browser  to start uploading the files to the documents manager.

Optionally, you can click  plus_icon right from the button upload_docs to open the Drap’n’Drop area. Simply drap’n’drop selected files from your desktop here in order to start the upload process.

The selected file(s) are uploaded and listed during upload – you can monitor the upload progress and success. Successfully uploaded files are added to the document lists and marked with NEW.

Please note that you are required to create at least one folder before you can upload documents and the Project Coordinator owns all read and write permissions for every document by default. However, the user uploading the new document will also own the read and write permission for the document by default.

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