What happens to my data after the project end? Can I still access the project data?

Please note that you can export and download the entire project data to your computer at any time during the license period.

Additionally, you can purchase a Project Closure License that provides all project members with an additional 6 months of full access to EMDESK after the official project end date. This gives you, and other members of your project sufficient time to make any final entries or changes during the final reporting stage. This option is automatically included when you choose one time upfront payment.

For further access even after this period, you can book the EMDESK Project Archiving option. Then all project information stays untouched and is not deleted until 5 years after official project end. Up to 3 times the project coordinator can request access to the project area for a period of 5 working days at any time during the archiving period. Access is granted within 5 working days maximum.


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