Q: How is progress measured in the Gantt Chart?

The completion of a WP in % and the length of the progress bar of a WP within the Gantt chart at Implementation > Controlling > Status is based on the completions of all sub-level tasks in a WP weighted by the plan efforts on each task.

A task that consumes 90% of the all task’s efforts in a WP impacts the WP completion by 0.9.

For example, the completion of WP 1 is 54% when sub-level…

Task 1.1 with planned efforts of 9 PMs and a reported completion of 50%

Task 1.2 with planned efforts of 1 PMs and a reported completion of 90%

The completion in % for a task is reported at Implementation > Reporting > Progress with the select field Completion that is shonwn when collapsing a WP and opening a sub-level task.

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